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EICOSE (European Institute for Complex Safety Critical Systems Engineering) was an Center of Innovation Excellence (CoIE) labeled by ARTEMIS-IA. It was a virtual institute that leverages three recognized national initiatives onto a European dimension, namely the two French pôle de compétitivités
Aerospace Valley (,
System@tic Paris-Region (
and the German competence cluster SafeTRANS (

EICOSE has been awarded the title of ARTEMIS Innovation Cluster on Transportation, being the first institute to which this title was bestowed. As such, EICOSE's responsibility was to help shape that part of the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda concerning processes and methods for complex safety critical systems in the transportation domain (Automotive, Aeronautics, Railways).

If you are interesseted in the former aktivites of EICOSE, you will find out more in the EICOSE booklet:
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